Gallery of the Welcome Hut tour 2018

Pictures 1-6: Summer School Social Work@Hogeschool van Amsterdam (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)

Pictures 7-10: First ever ferry crossing of the Welcome Hut to the place where the concept had been imagined...SCOTLAND!

Pictures 11- :15: ESREA conference in Adult Education and migration at Moray House, University of Edinburgh

Pictures 16-28 : Scottish Refugee Festival with UNESCO chair Refugee Integration Through Languages and the Arts

A European concept:

  • invented in Glasgow
  • started in Bavaria
  • now based in Burgundy
  • and touring the UK in 2018


An NGO developing the idea

  • for pluralistic practice
  • as methods innovation in

arts-based research

  • as teaching site for university summer schools and communities


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0044 (0) 7340107025

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