We welcome student teachers, teachers and teacher educators to get in touch to experiment the use of the ‘tiny house classroom’ in their schools and wider communities.

Our focus in the work with schools: outdoor education, arts-based approaches, connecting the divergent temporalities of the child/ of professionals/ of the institution

The Welcome Hut has been used in qualitative field work during years 1 and 2 (2018 -2020) of a PhD research project by Christian Hanser at the Moray House School of Education and Sport. This research is part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge Research Project for Initial Teacher Education curricular reform (see below).

The research focuses on integrating several aspects into teacher education in Scotland:

  1. sanctuary and safe space in and beyond schools: integrating self-care and spaces of being within contexts of assessment and evaluation
  2. mobilities and immobility of the Scottish Attainment Challenge: expanding the territories of ITE through ‘unsettled’ public pedagogies and itinerant community engagement
  3. meaning-oriented narratives and learning through an ecology of knowledges: re-scripting the poverty-related attainment gap through existential care & multimodal learning stories